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170+"Power Hour" Playlists by Artist

Power Hour Playlists

Year-based Playlists

🗓️ 1980

🗓️ 1981

🗓️ 1982

🗓️ 1983

🗓️ 1991

🗓️ 1994

Esoteric by Genre/Decade

🧱 Esoteric Post-Hardcore of the 1990s

Esoteric Yacht Rock of the 1970s

🎤 Esoteric Hip-Hop of the 1980s

🌆 Esoteric City-Pop of the 1980s

🧃 Esoteric Power-Pop of the 1990s

Punk Planet Zine Archive Project

Punk Planet Zine Archive Project


Year-End Short Lists

Year-End Long Lists

Yearly Lists

🥀 Getting Post-Punk-esque in 2020

⛓️ Getting Punk in 2020

🍬 Getting Pop-punky in 2020

🎧 Getting Boom Bappy in 2020

🌀 Getting Shoegazed in 2020

🎺 Getting Jazzy in 2020

😱 Getting Screamo-y in 2020

💽 Getting Chippy in 2020

🔌 Getting Glitchy in 2020

Getting Aggressive III: 2020

Getting Aggressive II: This Time It's 2019

Getting Aggressive in 2018


The Hap Hap Happiest Christmas Since Bing Crosby Tap Danced With Danny F@#%in' Kaye

Apples & Razor Blades: A Halloween Playlist

Autumnal Grey Day Indie Rock

KPM 1000 & Other Library Favourites

Ninety 90s: Hooks & Wonder

90s Pop & Rap: Hooks & Wonder

Toronto Aught-Rock (& More)

Going Coastal: Glory Days of CanRock

Imagined THPS soundtrack

The Bitch Is Back: The Women of 90s Hip-Hop & Beyond

Praise The Lord, Now Let's Shred: Christian Pop-Punk & Ska

in college i thought i was a chill motherfucker


The Art & Design of Paula Scher

Sweet Tooth Tunes

Those Were The Days

FACT's 100 Greatest IDM Tracks

Pizza Power



Hip-Hop: Golden-era & Beyond

Electronic & IDM


80s Dance Party for Non-Dancers

80s Soundtrack & Pop

Metal & Thrash (80s & 90s)

Thrash Metal: Origins & Influences

Early '70s Hard Rock, Psych & Proto-Metal

2-Tone Ska & More: Too Much Pressure



Lo-Fi Chill Instro-Hip-Hop

Vintage Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop

Vintage Soul, Funk & RnB

Vintage Bachelor Pad & Exotica


Aggressive Tendencies

The Smooth: Easy Rock, Hot Tub Soul, AOR & More

Twee & Indie Pop

Pop-Punk (That Shreds)

Now That's What I Call 90s Power-Pop

Heavy 90s: Ripped Hair/Long Denim

Introduction to Screamo

Stoner Rock: A Chronological-ish Journey

1994: The Year Emo Broke

Second Wave Emo

Underrated by Year

Underrated 2019

Underrated 2020

Underrated by Artist

The Beach Boys: Underrated

The Strokes: Underrated

Elvis Costello: Underrated

XTC: Underrated

Misc. T: Underrated They Might Be Giants

Underrated: The B-52's

Underrated: The Go-Go's

Soundtracks & Album Recreations


HYPE! (1996)

24 Hour Party People (2002)

Girl Asleep (2016)

Angus (1995)

Something Wild (1986)

The Big Chill (1983)

Valley Girl (1983)

OlliOlli2 (2015)

Paul Simon

Negotiations And Love Songs (1971-1986)

Record Labels

We're Touch & Go And You Suck.

Audio Dregs

Artist Themes

They Might Be Giants

Them: The Later Years of They Might Be Giants

Blink-182: Love Songs

The Softies: Blink-182